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Lapis Legit Cake recipe and TLC_SEAsia contest

Hi all,
Recently I participating a contest held by TLC channel for Bake-A-Licious program in Southeast Asia and my Layers cake recipe become one our of 20 favourite recipes (yeayyy!). This cake is famous in my country, Indonesia because of its savory flavor and also the diffculties level of doing this cake layer by layer. You might want to try bake it at home and I guarantee you wont stop eating :P

Now they open for voting til 15 August 2012. You may have a look for those 20 finalist including me and vote, click on this link:
oh and they have 30 goodie bags for 30 lucky voters!

My recipe are the first pic from the left with details:
Recipe: Traditional Lapis Legit
Baker: Jenny Gracia

Lapis Legit Cake
45 pcs egg yolks
600 gr butter
4 Tbsp condensed milk
75 gr plain flour, sifted
250gr icing sugar, sifted
1 tsp cinnamon powder

1. Pre heat the oven upper fire at 160 C, prepare 22 cm square pan grease with butter and place baking paper on the base.
2. Beat butter and condensed milk until pale, set aside.
3. beat egg yolk and icing sugar until pale and light. (full speed approx.10-15")

4. Slow down the mixer speed and add the butter mixture to the egg batter slowly. mix well.
5. Add plain flour slowly to the batter and lastly add cinnamon powder.
6. spoon the batter and spread it evenly til it covers the pan surface, not too thick.
7. bake for 5 minutes or until the top surface brown colour. take out the pan and press down the layer slowly with cake smoother or spoon.
8. Do the no. 6 – 7 instruction again until the batter finish.
9. After its done, cool down the cake ith the pan. The sides of the cake will shrink about 2-4 mm, which is normal.
10. Take out the cake from the pan and trim the side. Cut into small pieces and enjoy :)

This cake takes alot of patient when baking it as it took you around 2.5 – 3 hrs just to bake it. But taste great and everybody loves this beautiful layer cake. You may add nuts or prunes in every 5 – 8 layers and it will gives you different sensations.

Warm Regards,

Jenny Gracia

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hello Jenny, just see your post and would like to ask how to bake to get a smooth top? my cake’s got a lot of bubbles and small holes…

Hi Dominic,

Sometime I had bubbles what I believe the key is in the mixing. Mix the batter in high speed until thick and reduce the speed when you add butter and flour. Good luck.

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hello Jenny, ok…tqvm..i will try it out! :)

Yummy Yummy, I tried and it turned out a nice cake :)

Happy to hear that! Is your place or country familiar with this cake? I personally loves this cake alot ;)

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I’m from Malaysia and yes, we do have some local layer cake here. I like the layers, nice appearance and taste good. The taste is different than normal sponge cake :)

Haha guess what? Im staying in Malaysia too but im from Indonesia :)

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