Hi amazing Cakes Decorators! I am pleased to present you my new product.

Cake Design – Planner
The pages of this project journal are suitable to design your cakes. In each design table you can: describe the cake in every detail, write down the materials needed and the procedures to make it; draw a sketch and planning work. You can use multiple journals to organize design booklet and create your own personalized set of cake design books.

ENGLISH edition
ITALIAN edition

il mondo di ielle

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Your Cake Design – Planner sounds like a fantastic tool for cake decorators to organize and visualize their creations. It’s great that it allows for detailed descriptions, material lists, procedural steps, and even sketching out designs. This could be a valuable asset for both professional bakers and enthusiasts alike to bring their cake ideas to life with precision and creativity. 
Thanks for sharing this with us. It's so interesting.