Baby shower cake

hi guys im looking for some ideas. Iv been asked to make a baby shower cake and for it to have an arty theme as well as a baby theme as the mum to be is very arty. Any ideas please? I can think of a few arty cakes but just dont know how to make them more ‘baby shower like’. It is to be neutral (not boy or girl themed) and only 1 teir. many thanks in advance :)



You can contact to bakery shop where the available baby cake by an order.

Essentially Cakes

Maybe you could handpaint a crib with a teddy in it, that would be neutral

Penny Sue

Model a teddy bear as a cake topper, on your cake, then maybe place a fondant paintbrush in the teddy’s hand, with a few splashes of edible food paint from the brush… so you have a bit of both… make the cake a mix of pink, and blue marbleised fondant…just an idea! 😊

Elli Warren

Hi! you could take a look at this collection of baby theme cakes for inspiration, hope this helps! :-) x



Elli Warren, this look nice!


Hey, Vincity if you are looking for a baby shower cake you must be going through the most wonderful feeling of Being pregnant. First of all, wish you good luck and congrats !!!
For baby shower cake I must recommend you try kingdomofcakes.com as they designer cakes for almost every occasion they have a huge range of designer and occasional cakes.
For the baby shower, I am posting a picture which I have ordered for my friend on her baby shower.
Hope you like !!!