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Has anyone else received this e-mail?

I receive an e-mail from someone who saw my posts here, and she said she would like to get to know me better, and would not want to do so thru the public posting. She left her e-mail, but I did not open it or copy it down (dummy) I just marked it as spam. If this truly is a legit, I am sorry , but some how I don’t think so.


Hey Fannyfondant,

did you get it as a private message here on CakesDecor or you received it in email?

-- Michal, | My Facebook:

In my e-mail, I tried to retrive it for more info, but could not. Well, just wanted to know if there was some sort of scam going on. Thanks for replying.

There are lot of attempts to post spam on CakesDecor during the day, but almost 100% is removed before it is posted. Unfortunately, we’re not able to take care of scams sent directly on your email – if someone sees your email here on CakesDecor.
If you’ll get any private messages or you’ll see any spam posts, please contact me and don’t reply.


-- Michal, | My Facebook: