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Sugar lace disasters

Sugar lace and myself are not geling! I keep applying to mould and putting in oven on temperature and time suggested but it is brittle I have turned temp down and lessened time kept door open and closed but it is still brittle, any advice on how many layers to do if I leave to dry naturally? Please any help would be most appreciated I am now I think running out of patience and time !!!

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My first question is which sugar lace are you using or are you making your own? If it’s dry and brittle it has probably been baked for too long at too high a temperature. You can try to save it by putting a damp cloth over the brittle but not yet broken lace. After half an hour it might be OK. If you are using a name brand, I suggest contacting them. That stuff is VERY expensive and they should give you the proper guidelines. If you are making your own (I make my own cream) then I suggest baking at 70 degrees C for just 5 minutes. Take it out, let it cool, add a second layer and bake for just another 3 minutes. It probably won’t be set yet, so just leave it undisturbed at room temperature for as many hours as it takes (sometimes over night — depends on the humidity) until the edges can be separated easily from the mat. Hope this helps :)

The Garden Baker

Hi thanks for yr reply it’s sctually cake lace kit by the cake decor, I have since bought another one but different batch number and it’s completely different smell and is working so well no problems with just air drying it either, I must have bought faulty batch so have emailed the makers just unfortunate that it was first time I had used it so was not aware that it should differently, it was more like yoghurt smell and not at all sweet thanks though

Check the date on the packet kit. Maybe it was passed “use by” date or it was stored in the shop or during shipping in improper conditions. Glad that it’s working for you now and hope that the company refunds your purchase. Enjoy :)

The Garden Baker