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How to participate into collaborations

I love cakes decor and it’s members
i would love to participate into collaborations and online competitions, can anyone help me please ? what to do ? and where to start ?

Delicate cake by Yomna Elazawy

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Hi Yomna, I can advise you. Send me a PM on my Facebook cake page called Sweet Dreams by Heba :) see you there.

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

Thanks Heba

Delicate cake by Yomna Elazawy

Can you help me too Heba please 🌷

Vanilla pod

Cake Page Circle, CPC Collaborations, CPC Competitions, CPC Tutorials, & CPC Recipes Groups:- are STRICTLY for CAKE PAGE OWNERS to apply to join the group you must apply through our CPC PAGE by private message with the following information:-

1. THE LINK TO YOUR ACTIVE CAKE PAGE (It must be cake/cupcake &/or food related)
2. Your real name
3. A little about yourself are you a hobby or a business page, how long have you been making cakes

Link to the CPC Page >>
You have to be (& remain) a member of the main group to take part in the other CPC Groups &

Just spotted this! I would love to be involved in a collaborative cake! Will follow up the process.