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Carved road?

Was this cake carved to make the road? If so, would I need to start with a bigger cake like a 10" or 12"? Any links to tutorials would be very helpful also! Or did they carve a separate cake & glued the “road” to the side of an 8" cake? I’m not that experience with carved & shaped cakes, this is new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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So very awesome!

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Although I don’t hacer any tutorials to share; it seems like it could be done either way toy described. Good luck.

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I suspect this baker used 2-3 layers; a combination of 8 & 12" diameters??
I too would love to hear from the designer! As for myself, I find it helpful to select a pan larger than, but nearest to the finished size and shape of your creation…
For example, in my armadillo cake (which I will post) I selected a Dutch oven and domed Dutch oven lid to bake in as opposed to the recommended football cake pan…
It allowed me to fill, then carve the frozen layers more accurately.
Also, do not overlook the idea of “cake molding”- in which a gently warmed layer is slowly “bent” into shape, then plastic wrapped in place until cool. This I did for my armadillo’s domed shell, and it worked very well!
I hope this helps others- the carved road cake is adorable and very well done!
The biggest tip I know for carving cakes is this: use moist recipes, ALWAYS carve frozen, and don’t be afraid to refreeze pieces if needed.

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They may of used rice crispy treats to form the curve then cover with icing and fondant or what ever the cake is covered in.

Here is a bit of a tutorial. I hope it helps. If not there are many others on the internet.

Good luck happy baking.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Thank y’all so much for your help! The cake central tutorial helped a lot

Sugar Sweet Cakes by Lisa & Brittany