I have a bride who showed me this picture of a stencil she wants on her wedding cake. Does anyone know where I can find it, I’ve looked everywhere!

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I don’t know this stencil, but if you can’t find anything I believe it is possible to get something created bespoke so maybe you could go that route if no other help?

Blossom Dream Cakes at www.facebook.com/blossomdreamcakes

I wish the photo were larger. I have ordered from Designer Stencils and they have quite a variety to choose from. While that may be a stencil it could also be hand piped royal icing.


try this
they have alot of stencil for cakes. You might be able to find it or something close to it.
Hop it helps

Have you tried looking in DIY stores? You can quite often find some stencils that they would use for tiles or wall borders. Might be worth a shot.


Hi Rachel, I’ve found the stencil you’re looking for, spotted it in google images, I went to the page it’s linked to, Kelly Jaynes but it doesn’t look like they do it anymore, I’ve included the link for the page where I found it, maybe you could contact them and find out if they still do it or if they know of anywhere that stocks it.
Good Luck xx


Blimey that link was bigger than I thought it would be

Sorry that was just the google image page 🙄 here is the link for the Kelly Jayne page, try getting in touch and send them this photo of the stencil xx


Thank you all for your help! I was able to get the bride to agree to this stencil. It’s really small, but I’m going to make a tile-like pattern.

I think that’s a perfect substitute -almost the same.