Blood Red Airbrush Color?

The Problem:

So I am making a cake for a birthday and need to get a deep blood red color for my airbrush. I am making a gothic style cake so think really deep blood red. I am having problems creating the red I want. Does anyone know any color combinations, brands, or techniques to achieve this color?

What I am trying for:

The idea for the cake is gothic. There are going to be blood red roses, perhaps tinged with black on the edges, deep purple butterflies and black filler flowers. We are also making little human bones and skulls. There is going to be some intricate lace piping along the cake as well.

What I have tried so far:

I have Amerimist airbrush colors. I have tried using their Holiday Red red. I don’t like it because its really obnoxious and a bit orange. I have tried mixing various other Amerimist colors into it but all I get is brown. No, literally anything mixed with red (including blue) makes brown. I have tried airbrushing straight up red onto the flower, letting that dry and then spraying black or some other color on top. Guess what color I got? Yup, brown!

I have had this problem with other Amerimist colors, where the typical color wheel rules dont apply. Is there a brand that does not have this problem?

I need this cake by the 20th so any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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