Equipment for Sugar work

Hi guys,

I was hoping someone can help me. I’m wanting to start doing pulled/blown sugar can anyone recommend anywhere to buy the equipment in the uk, just wanting a basic set up, my dad will be making the enclosure for me so I’m just looking for somewhere to buy a heat lamp.
I’ve included a photo of the type of set up I’m wanting so if anyone could point me in the direction of this type of heat lamp in the uk I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you in advance.
Charlotte X


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Sandra Smiley

I am in the USA, but here the heat lightbulbs can be purchased at farm supply stores, hardware stores or ASDA, TESCO – big box stores.


Thanks Sandra, I’ll check Asda, Tesco, B&Q etc. I found one at tool station but they don’t sell the bulbs to go with the lamp 🙄.
Thanks for your help x