Linze Clark




starting out...

Hello to all.

I’m really new to cake decorating, started August this year making cakes and toppers just as a means to learn. I’m not a business but want to set up in a couple of years after I’ve got a PME masters cert etc and most importantly when I have time when my youngest starts nursery.

Trouble is, I’m getting alot of people already wanting me to make cakes etc, which for family I just ask for costs for materials as its great for practising without the pressure. I’m reluctant to branch out further than family because I don’t want that low price expectation to continue when I do set up.

So my question is how do/did you ‘start out’ in business. Do u just go for it or practise as a hobby until you are ready, and just accept the costs involved.

I feel bad for turning people away at the moment. :/ any advice would appreciated! 😀