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Woody's Bakes, back again!


I have not been online recently due to my busy schedule, but wanted to explain to all of you, what i’ve been up to!

Firstly i am proud to say that all the way back in March, i got a Certifcate of Merit for my Oscar the Grouch Cake, in Cake International (See below)

So some of you might know me from my previous business name… Woody’s Wonderful World of Bakes! But due to my recent 14th birthday, i decided Woody’s Bakes would be far more suitable!

Ive also got a new logo! (See Below)

And a brand new website! Created by Pink Enterprises- www.woodysbakes.com Be sure to have a look!

Since then i have been busy practising, and working on some things for the near future (Stay Tuned), but mainly enjoying my time off school!

Thanks for listening, and be prepared for a tidal wave of cakes, thats about to come your way! ;)

-- Woody!

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Calli Creations

Welcome back Woody and congratulations!! I saw it and did look for you. Hope to see you in November!! Congrats on new website too… Impressive!!


So great to see your wonderful creations again. I look forward to the tidal wave :)

Woody's Bakes

Thanks, for all your support, there are more cakes but my laptop broke midway, so am waiting to get it back!