Newbie using isomalt

Hi everyone. I’m a fairly experienced amateur cake decorator, but a total newbie when it comes to isomalt. I’ve been asked to make a special car-shaped cake that would really need see-through windows, so naturally my thoughts turned to using sugar or isomalt.

My thought was to find some kind of mold into which I could pour the isomalt to produce the whole roof shape – a sort of rectangular dome – and cover parts of it with modelling paste to look like the metal parts of the roof. I imagine this would give a stronger product than trying to join up windows etc using modelling paste.

However, before I start, does this sound like something isomalt would be good for, or is it asking too much of the product or a newbie user? I’d have to make the isomalt model in advance – how long will it keep for?

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isomalt modelling


Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Yes you can make your windows out of isomalt. This is not asking to much of the product. As long as you keep your isomalt out of the heat and spray it with edible glaze it will last for months. I still have pieces I created more than a year ago.


Thank you Jennifer. That sounds encouraging. Someone also suggested I use gelatin, so I’ll give both a try.

The first thing to do is to find or make a suitable mold – something else I’m a newbie at.

Thanks again for your help.