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Stacking a 6 tier tall wedding cake.

I never worry usually when stacking and transporting a cake, but this one does have a little stressed to say the least :(
The bottom tier is a 12inch round 6inch depth maderia cake so quite firm, second tier is 10 inch round 3 inch depth, the 3rd tier is 8 inch round 3inch depth and the top is a 6inch round 6inch depth. It will have piped detail on the 3rd tier and ruffles on the bottom tier.

I am stacking and dowelling each tier as I always do using cake card and dowels and royalicing and possibly using a centre dowel, I have not tried this yet, however it does seem popular.

I am wondering would you put an extra cake card into the taller cakes to make each one 3inchs to prevent sinking ?

If anyone out there has any advice it will be so gratefully received.

Thank you all in advance xxx

-- Icing to Slicing


Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Personally I always treat anything over 5" depth as two cakes so yes, for 6" depth I would be using two cake cards and individually dowelling each section. x

Icing to Slicing

Thank you Angela that is what I usually do, but more on edge this time. :)


I have used cake stackers – if you’re in the uk – http://www.sturdycakestackers.com/
worked wonders when I have a very tall cake – will always use this method when I have more than 2 tiers now. They provide the cards with a pre cut hole in the centre