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Help! Chocolate & Nut Allergies!!!!

I have a few cake orders coming up with known nut allergies and they want chocolate cake and/or chocolate butter cream, however, all the chocolate I’ve worked with have a disclaimer on their packaging that states the product is processed on machinery that may come into contact with nuts.

I understand that many of these companies may throw that disclaimer on there just to cover themselves from any liability, but does anyone know of ANY brand that does NOT have a nut issue?

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I think all places that process chocolate have those labels, I would contact the customer and ask them what type of chocolate they eat and explain the labels. They may be just fine with eating it but play it safe, nut allergies scare me.

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

Unless you have insurance to cover medical or death of a consumer eating your product. I would HIGHLY suggest avoiding all allergy orders. I have several very close friends I won’t bake for because of food allergies. It’s a risk not worth taking.

Allergies can be as simple as maybe a light rash to death. There is risk of cross contamination, which is why they post those labels. Some people have air born allergies, and just them breathing it in will cause shock to the body.

I feel it’s our job to know our products before the consumer calls and explain these issues.

I like Jessica’s idea, best. let mom decide what type of “warning label” she would want her child to have. :-)

Jaclyn- The Happy Cake Lady

Jaclyn I’m the same, I do not take orders for nut allergies for those reason. I am doing a barely free cake this weekend, it’s my first allergy related cake order I have ever done. I know the lady, they recently found out her son has a allergy to barley so she got me some flour that they use and I will bake the cake with that. The only way I would feel safe with a allergy cake order would be to ask the family for the exact items they use.

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

I have a family member who has a nut allergy so I’m use to baking for him and know what products to stay clear of (I’m an avid label reader).

Regarding orders, my cake agreements contain an allergy indemnification clause but concerning these 2 particular cake orders, as soon as they advised me of the nut allergy, I told them there was a very good possibility that chocolate may be off the table for their orders, but I would make the best effort to try and accommodate them. On that note – I’m happy to say, I found 2 chocolate brands that are in fact nut free . . .

Callebaut Chocolate and

good info to have thanks! :-)

Jaclyn- The Happy Cake Lady