Diaper bag cake

Hi all!! I’m searching for instructions for making a diaperbag cake! I know there are different ways to make one so I’m willing to see what you guys have got!! I have 2 weeks until the cake is due!
Thank in advance for any instructions =)

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Slice of Sweet Art

I’ve made 2 diaper bag cakes . . .

Burberry Diaper Bag

Jungle Themed Diaper Bag

They were both fairly easy. I decided to go with a “laying down” look so that’s what probably made it so easy. I simply used a 9×13 pan to bake the cakes.

For the Jungle Theme, aside from torting the layers, I didn’t carve it any further . . . just covered it in fondant; mixed a bit of gumpaste & fondant for the “pockets”; made a bunch of gumpaste accessories and a few store bought non-edible pieces (plastic bottle & baby powder).

For the Burberry Bag, since it was inspired by an actual bag, I made this 3 layers, torted the bottom 2 layers (left the top layer untorted because I wanted the “bulge” in the center), stacked and then carved/shaved parts of the top & sides to give me the “roundness” I needed to mimic the look of the bag when it’s filled. Used edible images for the pattern and mixed some fondant & gumpaste for the pockets, handles and hardware. Like the previous diaper bag cake, I again made various gumpaste accessories (but didn’t used non-edible items this time).

Hope this helps!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished product.

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Here is a tutorial http://www.cakedalaska.com/Caked_Alaska/Welcoming_William.html

The Best tutorial was by the magic cupboard but I think she took it down, because I can’t find it anymore. She Used 10×10 square pans and cut them in to different widths, like 3in and 7 in, 4 in and 6 in, and 5in and 5 in. tiered them starting with the largest at the bottom and smallest at the top. using card board in between each tier (a little smaller then the cake so when carving the cake not to cut the card board. so you have bottom 7 in and 6 in, middle 5in and 5 in, top 4in and 3 in…then carve just a bit to even it out. Frost then Panel the top ans sides with fondant. This method work better then covering it…keep the square edges. I have a few diaper bag…1 is lumpy like the tutorial above but the rest are done like this one. Feel free to check them out. Hope this helps…Good Luck!


Wow!!! Thanks guys!!
AnnMarie, the magic cupboard was the exact one I was looking for. I’ve looked everywhere and the link to her blog on her website isn’t working, grrrrrrr. Everyone says how great it is! Thanks for the info!! I will use that!! =) Thank you!!!


Oh, so you just make 3 10×10′s right??


Your girlie diaper bag is exactly the look I’m going for!!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Yes 3- 10in squares Thanks. Good luck!