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photo reel cake

Hi i wonder if any one could help please , i want to do a film strip going around the middle with different photos on an as an edible image . im unable to find anything to help .
many thanks not sure if i have explained it properly

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I have checked on YouTube and Pinterest but am not finding much help with this. The link to this page does have templates or pattern you can save and print out for the film strip itself. You would just have to cut a long strip of rolled fondant with a little Tylose powder added for stability. Attach film strips in sections with a bit of gum glue or thinned clear corn syrup. Print out the photos you want to add in a size that will fit the film strip, attach the same way. I am guessing you have an edible printer and edible paper. If not, you could use a regular printer with photo paper and just make sure the guests know they are not edible. Here is the link, I hope it helps.

There are many tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube on how to make the metal film reels out of gumpaste or fondant with Tylose.


Thankyou very much cakeicer for your advice , i also searched for the " film strip "but there isnt any , i just needed the film of photos to wrap around the middle of the cake . yes i have an edible printerand wanted to print the strip and photos together , thankyou for your help

This was the template I mentioned. I didn’t realize you wanted to print out the strip along with the photos as one printing. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you.


yes thats right Cakeicer , im sure it is possible to be able to add the photos on to it then print ,i have seen cakes with this done , thankyou again Cakeicer

I made this one for my dad, I did it on photoshop , it involved a lot of cutting and pasting, I’m sure there are easier ways x

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Ah yes thats what i would like to do , im still searching how to achieve this . your cake is really nice , thankyou for sharing xx

Worst case, you can create the strip of photos and attach to a pice of black fondant. Then use a small square cutter to cut out holes on the edges of the black fondant strip. Depending on the size of the cake, that might be faster than doing all the photoshop work. Good luck.

Here is a movie reel cake I made a few years ago. Were you looking for a template of the movie reel?

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thankyou Toni for your help . i have the film strip template like cakeicer has put on above , i just cant get the hang of actually putting the photos on to the strip like you have done above . beautiful cake i must say im jealous!! i just cant do it ive gone into different photo programmes to see if i could find something easier , it looking like i am going to do it the other way ( i only need the strip of photos not the actual reel .

@Purlytwurly – if you don’t want to use photoshop to design, you’re welcome to use Topperoo for free.

We’ve just put together for you a how-to video on creating a photo reel- I hope it helps!

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