What am I forgetting? First bridal show

I have my first bridal show this weekend! It’s a small open house type event at a venue where there is only one vendor per category (one dj, one florist, one photo/video guy). They called me last week on Wednesday because the baker who signed up for the event backed out. Last minute… sure, I love pressure! Fortunately (or unfortunately) the one week time frame was too short to get a temporary permit and rent commercial space to make samples for all the brides (I’m a home baker, so I can’t pass out samples en masse at a show otherwise in my state).

I feel pretty prepared, but I am wondering if I have missed anything. I would love for you guys to take a look at what I’m planning on bringing to double check me. Let me know if you think I have missed anything!!

  • Dummy cakes (6 of them) and stands, table and cloth (I have to provide my own), banner. I’m going to do a set up test run to make sure I don’t have any gaps on the table that need to be filled with a small vase of flowers or something, and I still need to figure out how to attach the banner to my table cloth – I can’t hang anything on the walls.
  • Cart to haul everything in and out which I still need to procure, anyone in the Dallas area willing to let me borrow one? ;)
  • Business cards, required door prize – gift certificate for a free dessert cake or $65 off a wedding cake order, photo album
  • Snacks, water, mints
  • Steamer (for me and the table cloth), and lint roller
  • Giveaway sign up sheets? I am on the fence about this one. I thought since I can’t do samples at the show, I could give away a free cake tasting. I’ll get a lead list from the show, but I thought it might be nice to have something specific to brides who are specifically interested in cake.

Also, I can’t decide what to wear. I have a white polo with my logo embroidered on it, but I normally wear that with jeans for deliveries – not very bridal feeling, but it will be obvious what company I am with. Should I wear something dressier like slacks and a blouse? I’ll have an exhibitor badge, so I’ll still be identifiable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!