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Hi all. I’ve been asked to make sugar cookies however instead of flooding the client wants them covered in fondant. I was thinking of stencilling on them. Is it ok to cover in fondant, air brush the fondant cookies in colour then once dry use powder to stencil designs? Does it taste right as I’m use to flooding. Help


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Sugarcha ...

Anyone? No one ? 😯

My Little Dolç Corner ...

Hello Sarcha,

I’m not speak English very good, it’s the reason I don’t understand your question very good. I try help you, ok?

Air brush is very good for cover fondant. You can cover your fondant cookies whith air brush, not problem.

Later, when is dry the texture of fondant is delicate, but is possible to do stencil designs.

Idea: You can to do the cookies with color fondant and later with a stencil to use de stencil for draw a paint with air brush.

I hope I have helped!

Sugarcha ...

Thank you so much my little dolc corner seems like you understood me perfectly. I will colour fondant then use airbrush for designs thanks so much once again :)

My Little Dolç Corner ...

Your Wellcome Sugarcha!