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I need to make a really dark purple color. But it’s not a purple purple more of a blue purple. It’s a David’s Bridal color but the internet picture of it does not make it look like the swatch I have. I would like to start with a dark purple paste color. Does anyone know a certain brand that carries a dark purple paste coloring?? Thanks for the help.



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Tiffany Palmer ...

Americolor has great colors…I would go with royal purple and add in some royal blue. Also remember that purple (like reds and black) darken over time so make the day before. If the next day it’s too dark, you can add in some more icing a little at a time until you achieve the color you need. If it’s too light, you can add in some more blue. Good luck! :)

Mikooklin's Cakery ...

Thanks I will check out the Americolors!!