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What'z up guys!

hi everyone! I’m Dhinz ,from Bicol , Camarines Sur Philippines, got married at young age and now I have 2 lovely teens.. I am new here at cakesdecor.com.. my pleasure to be one of member and a chance to share my masterpiece on decorating cakes and cupcakes home baked goods. It’s been 3 yrs on baking business. I’m also a party event lover,aside from baking , I also make styro backdrop and styro letters standee,face painting for kiddy party,make up and hair style for pageant, hairbow’s maker and abstract painting and even dress making. I do it all at home while taking care my teens…

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Hi, welcome to cakesdecor Dhinz

DhinzSassy Cupcakes & Cakes

thanks :)

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Hi Dhinz!