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how to lessen the sweetness of fondant

Most of my customer said that fondant is too sweet. I’m using mmf and i also tried to use the homemade fondant(the one with glucose ingredient), both are too sweet for me!

I was thinking that fondant is really sweet and was made for people who really love sweets. One day I asked my husband about this problem, (well he is really sweet lover) and he told me that he was thinking the same way. He loves sweets but fondant is really just too sweet which he can’t afford to eat.

Can anyone help me about this?

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I add butter extract to mine, but it is still pretty sweet :(

Denise, Deltona, FL,

I don’t know if this is an option for you, but have you tried any fondants that are premade? I use Satin Ice and my customers like it more than my MMF because it is less sugary and the texture is less chewy. But I wouldn’t know how to go about lessening the sweetness of my MMF – the only thing I put in it is marshmallows, sugar, vanilla and water :( I would be afraid to mess with the rations. Sorry if this isn’t helpful!

Baker from The Epicurean Delight - Falls, PA

Thanks for the replies! I will try to use satin ice though its very expensive than MMF and the glucose fondant recipe. Hope this will work with my 3 projects this April…i will be making 2 wedding cakes and first birthday cake..Huh!

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