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Squires Exhibition - Update with some Photos

Is anyone going to the Squire’s Exhibition on Friday 13th? I have just booked and it would be lovely to say hello.

This is me (with my mate Sharon Wee ;-)). So if you spot me wandering around on my own looking lonely, please come and say hi! :-)
Julia xx

-- Julia Hardy

Very pretty <333 .. wish I was close by I would come visit :D <333333

-- Dubey Cakes

Hi Julia, I am going.

-- Anka

I’m booked :)

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Would have loved to . . . Can’t wait to hear all about it! X

-- The Buttercream Pantry

I’d love to go but busy with cakes – hope you have a wonderful time :-D xx

Malta is a bit far, I’m afraid! Julia you are lovely!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

I’m going but only on the Saturday x

-- Elaine

I’ll be in the wedding cakes room Julia, be around on Friday and dropping by during weekend. Tap me if I’m walking along! 😊 Alpa

-- Simply Alpa

This is me! Alpa 😃 OMG this photo is so big 😏

-- Simply Alpa

Hi Julia, I’ll be there! I’m entering one of the comps so it will be lovely to meet you 😀 x

Woo hoo! How exciting. Luna, Calli and Alpa, I will recognise you all I’m sure. Gill, are you going to put a photo on so we know what you look like? To the rest of you lovelies who replied, it is a shame we all can’t go, it is such a classy little exhibition (I far prefer it to the huge ones which can be a bit much for me).
(Be aware, I’m being all brave now but on the day shyness might overcome me but I really would love to meet you all) :-) xXx

-- Julia Hardy

I can’t wait, I tend to walk straight past people so please do shout out a hello! Are you there all weekend Julia? Gill get a photo up!!

-- Simply Alpa

I can not wait too, Alpa and I am looking forward to you.:))))

-- Anka

This is me and my son, Oli. Why is it so big lol?!!!