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Help: which airbrush to choose for beginners?

Hello everyone!
I’m Aurélie and I love cake decorating. I would like to buy my first airbrush and I’m totally lost on which one to choose.
I’m not a professionnal as I’m making ~2 cakes per month so I don’t need a professionnal one. I have a budget of 150€ max and I live in France so if it could be shippable in France. I saw that there were so kits such as Carrie’s Brown and Dinkydoodle Designs. Does anyone ever used one of those?
Thank you very much for your help and your advises.
Happy cake decorating!


Hi Aurelies. This is a much discussed subject but if you look at this link I took from the forum, it has hints and tips on airbrushing and equipment…
…also, look up at pink title bar and you will see a darker pink box in there saying “search forums” … in there type in airbrushing… and loads of blogs and discussions are already in there as well.
I have an IWATA and love it, but everyone is different.. DInkydoodles do a fabulous one and especially great if you are jsut starting out as it neat and compact and the actual airbrush is easy to use and control.
Good luck :)
PS: Dawn of Dinkydoodle recently did an interview with Cakes Decor… here is the link to learn more about this fab lady. She is the loveliest person

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Hi Callicious Cakes!
Thank you vert much for all this advises and tips :)
I’m going to read all the links you sent me and try to figure out what’s best for my use.
I can’t wait to try airbrushing and change the look of my cakes :)
Thanks for your help!

Hi Aurelie, I’m the same as Calli. I invested in an Iwata airbrush and love how easy it is to use and the quality is amazing. Just make sure you maintain it well and clean it regularly between use so it doesn’t clog up. Best of luck choosing something that suits you xxx

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Your welcome.. hope you find the product that best suits you xx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

I would choose Paint A Cake