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princess castle cakes

when making princess castle cakes, and when you make the pillars does anyone use edible items, if so what do you use?

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6 by Linda

I haven’t made a castle yet, but I think icecream cones are used :-)

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thank you, but do you know what could be used for the part that the icecream cones sit on top of? by Linda

I think you can make it from just fondant with a little tylose. Role out a square piece and use for instance a glass covered with baking papier (so it does not stick) wrap the fondant around the glass, glue the ends and let it dry for a couple of days. Or you can you use cake, cut out circels and stack them on top of each other.

Hope I’m not too confusing, it’s a bit hard for me to explain in English :-)

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thank you and i completly undersyod thank you :)

Loren Ebert

I have never made one, but I read somewhere that someone used a jellyroll cake for the pillars.

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ohh i would of never thought of that, thanks