Help! Can I delete a comment under a picture?

I’m sorry…I just submitted by mistake three times the same commet to a picture. How can I delete it?

Thank you

Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design


I don’t think so but if it was good comment I don’t they would mind reading it more than once lol well at least I wouldn’t 😁

Amanda Bowman

Hi Ann, it was a good comment, indeed. But, it looks obvious that it was by mistake..:)

Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design

Well I wouldn’t worry too much about it.. Mistakes happen and any comment coming from someone as talented as you I’m sure would be much appreciated.. Even 3 times over lol 😁

Amanda Bowman

Antonella, I have frequently seen messages repeated! So I would not worry about it! As Ann said I would be honoured to receive three complements from a talanteed artist like you!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

It happens to all of us. don’t worry about it <3 <3 We agree with Ann I am sure they will be honored <3 <3 <3 you are such an amazing artist ! :) …

Dubey Cakes

Yeah, it’s happened to me too, you can’t delete, but you can edit by clicking on the little box to the top right of your comment box. Xx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Ahh, you made someone’s day! It’s like a dream come true to get a comment from artist like you three times!!!! Antonella, you can ask Michal to remove, he will do it for you!

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

Hey Antonella, give me the link please and I will fix that ;)

-- Michal, | My Facebook:

:) Ohhh my! That’s super kind of you, that you’re aswering to my funny help request lol
Ok, something else that I’ve learned :) At least, we had a nice talk! THANK YOU, my lovelies!
I wish you all happy holiday caking! xxx

Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design