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"red" fire truck from cars

Okay so I have to make the fire truck from movie cars. He isn’t your normal long fire truck. He’s more squarish in the back. Need to feed 30 people. Anyone ever made this cake and have any pointers. I haven’t done a carved 3d cake so I’m nervous. My guess was using a 12×18 and cutting in thirds. Stacking two on top of each other and then using 3rd slice in portions to build up front cab part. Then somehow carve! If anyone has suggestions, input, any help that would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I just noticed Jackie1256 just posted a firetruck cake, “Fireman Sam” here on CakesDecor. It looks very similar to “Red” from Cars. You might want to PM her and ask for advice. Good luck!

Loren,, Here is a great version of Red

Here is a tutorial of sorts using a half sheet cake…which is the basic size you were talking about.

I hope this helps! But you are on the right track! =) Good Luck!

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Thanks everyone….I am going to start cutting and stacking tonight. Looks like best way to do it would be to cut sheet cake into 4 parts. So I’m thinking 12×5 stack those 3 up and then use the last 12×3 inches to build up the front. My original thought was to do 3 stacks, but not sure that will give me the height that it needs. Guess I’ll try to think a little more about it in the next 3 hours before I start cutting.

You will know as you start doing it. Some folks do it in all cake other raise the cake by putting blocks of wood under it covered in black fondant to give it the illusion of being off the ground. Good luck! =)

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