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Global Sugar Art Fail

Hi cake friends! I live in Istanbul/Turkey. We have so many cake decorators and cake suplplies companies here. But sometimes i need some other type of tools or Satin Ice gumpaste etc and need to get them from somewhere else on the internet. Or sometimes i ask a friend who lives in US or UK. Last month one of my friends who live in CA was coming to Turkey for vacation and i decided to order from GSA for the first time. I always heard about their wide range of products and how people satisfied with the service. But my experience with Global Sugar Art was a total disaster!
Their name contains the word GLOBAL because they ship globally. But shipping from NY to Turkey is expensive, you know. So i ordered my cake tools and some gumpaste to be delivered to my friend’s address CA. Since i live in Turkey and have no idea about USA holidays, i didn’t know that 1st day of September is Labor Day in US and many companies doesn’t work. So i ordered without a notice and started to wait. They ship via UPS and i was checking UPS tracking page every day. UPS didn’t leave any tracking for 3 days long. Then i learnt that it is Labor day UPS doesnt work. So my package didnt arrive on time and my friend traveled to Turkey without my package.
I emailed them and asked for what to do. I dont want to take your time and make it too long but just want you know that they were rude, reluctant to solve the problem and writing me back pages long copying their company policies.
anyway, if they are GLOBAl, shouldn’t they have a warning or pop out notice or something else to make customers be sure if there will be a delay because of holidays? I live in another country. It shuldnt be expected to know global customers about every national US holiday
I managed to send the package back to GSA. It was a loooong and exhausting process because my friend was in Turkey. She asked one of her neighbour to take the package to the post office. I told them all these and they refunded me only half of the amount i paid! In fact, they had wrote me “they can ship the package to Turkey” but they refunded half instead. When i asked why i received this refund, one of the sales manager wrote me “i emailed you several times and received no response so we decided to refund”. What? I received NO EMAILS. And they didnt apologized for all of this mess!

I see most of people are happy with them and i am disappointed. Is it that hard to make a customer happy and continue to shop with them? I never and ever will shop from GSA and dont suggest anyone especially if you are ordering outside the US.

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Ultimate Cake

I’m sorry that this happened to you and understand your frustration. I live outside of the US and have never ordered from GSA.

It is, however, the responsibility of the consumer to check out the various holidays in the country where the company is based – especially when ordering with short notice.

I order lots of stuff from the UK and have never felt that it was the responsibility of these different companies to let me know when bank holidays are.

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

I think I remember reading a similar experience from Veena who is in Israel, not a public holiday but delays, poor customer service and rudeness. What a shame. I haven’t ordered from them and after these accounts I don’t think I will, either.


May be you can try ordering through Amazon — they have a lot of stuff including cake accessories — i had a good experince but they dont ship certain things outside US but they mentioned it before paying!!