How much to charge for a cake topper?

So, I have an order to just do a cake topper. The client is moving and wants to transport it to their next location and have it on hand when they get there to place on a cake. They want a 6″×6″ flat square that is fairly simple. What would you charge for something like this? I have no clue! TIA

-- Crystal Memories in the Baking

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Karin Giamella

Call a competitor and see what they’d charge.

Sheryl BITO

Hi Crystal,I don’t sell my toppers sans the cake for now but I am thinking that if I do, I would probably charge it this way; start with what I would charge for a cake with the same topper. From there, take out an x amount for what I would charge for just the cake. For me, the costlier part of my price goes to the customised design, not the cost cake itself (ingredients and such) so the x amount will not be substantial.

Hope it helps.


Thank you both! I did check out etsy, but I’m still a little clueless as to what my “talent” (for lack of a better word) is worth. I’m not nearly as amazing as some of the other girls here (yeah, I share an island with Fondant Flinger and Conceptual Confections…I’m sure that’ll give you an idea, lol). But, what she wants is very simple and I don’t think it’ll take me a great deal of time or energy…