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Cake in can! Really?

I found this in the daily mail online and wondered if this is the cake version of pot noodle vs fresh egg noodles cooked with fresh ingredients! What do we think?

Would you eat cake from a SPRAY CAN? New microwaveable batter invented by Harvard students takes just one minute .

Baking a cake just got a whole lot easier: Two Harvard University students have invented ‘Spray Cake,’ a new kind of microwavable batter.

The product comes in a can that resembles a container of whipped cream, and takes just a minute to bake.

John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski came up with the concept for a Science & Cooking class, and were surprised that they were the first to think of it.

Recipe for success: Two Harvard students have invented ‘Spray Cake,’ a microwavable batter in a can.
Easy bake: Spray Cake, which comes out of the can pre-risen, takes only a minute to make in a microwave
Harvard students invent microwavable ‘SprayCake’
‘Honestly, we were kind of shocked that it hadn’t been done before. In the process of getting the patent made we were basically looking everywhere we could, high and low, for anyone who had done something like this in the past, but we couldn’t find it,’ Brooke told CBS Boston.

The batter comes out of the can pre-risen, which cuts down on baking time. John said that results are more consistent than with traditional cake batter.


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I just read this on my facebook feed. I would equate this to a box mix. Since I an a from scratch baker I would never use cake from a can.

Neat idea though for those non bakers out there that want to make a cake.


There’s a huge sense of achievement (I think) when you bake from scratch- I can’t help but wonder if the cake would be any good. The naughty side of me really wants to try a piece though! :)