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Making boat sails?

I am thinking of trying to make my father in law a model of his favourite yacht to go on top of his birthday cake next month. I have googled fondant boats etc for ideas all the boats have wafer paper sails, which I didn’t want to use, as he keeps the models and I don’t think wafer paper would last.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I could use instead of wafer paper? Would thin modelling paste be too fragile ?

Thank you x

-- Angela.


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I actually just did a replica of my father-in-laws sailboat all out of gumpaste. I rolled the sail wrapped it around a wooden skewer and then used foam to help shape the sail like it is catching the wind.

Hope this helps.

Angela - A Slice of Happiness

Thank you. I like the foam idea, I couldn’t think how to shape the sail if using gumpaste. Sometimes you miss what is quite obvious lol :)