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How many people will it serve?

I was wondering if anyone could help me out, I always have trouble telling people what size cake they should order when they tell me the number of guests. Can you guys tell me how you figure it out?
For example I have a lady having a bridal shower with 40 guests and she wants to know what size she should get. .. I read that a 10" square should feed 50 people but that just doesn’t seem right…
Please help =) Thanks

Tara, Nova Scotia,

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Hi Tara, I go by Earlene’s serving chart ( Her slices seem more realistic. She has a 10" square listed as 40 servings.

Denise, Deltona, FL,

i usually go by a 2″ × 1″ guide for sponge tiers and 1″×1″ for fruit tiers so if its a 10" square it would be 10" multiplied by 5" so you would get roughly 50 but i round it down so say 40-50 to the customer if you know what i mean. if its around sponge i square it off so 10" round would be measured as a 8" so that would be 8×4 =32 so i would round it up to 35 approx does that help ive rambled on a bit sorry x lorna x

Thanks from Lorna @ Sweet Occasions

Wow Loren! Thanks so much! That’s amazing! :)))))

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

I also go by Earlene’s cake chart :)

The Cake Boutique Manila, Ria C.,