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Advice Needed on Cake Replica of a Building

Recently, I’ve been presented with the biggest and most challenging opportunity of my career. In less the one month, I’ve been commissioned to create a cake replica of a local hotel and casino for its one year anniversary party. My dilemma is this: I just had a baby less than two weeks ago and the weekend that the cake is due, I will be five weeks post partum. The baby and I are both doing great, so no real concern there. I know I would need to start on all the details ASAP but the majority of the work would need to be put together the week prior to delivery. The GM of the hotel said that the cake doesn’t need to be extremely large, they’re just interested in the design being the wow factor and sheet cakes could be provided for serving. My question to those of you who have done this sort of thing is: Do you think this is even doable or should I reluctantly bow out? Not sure if I’m looking for encouragement or affirmation for my current thoughts on this. I don’t doubt my ability to create the cake successfully, I’m just not sure about bringing that amount of stress on my family at this point in time. I need to give them an answer pretty soon as the deadline is fast approaching and they’ll need to seek out an alternative if I turn it down. Any tips or advice, especially concerning the detail work would be greatly appreciated. I’m attaching a few photos for reference. Thanks in advance.

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