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Edible Images made at home?

Hi everyone! Was wondering if any of you do your own edible images from home and how you like it? I don’t want to purchase a crazy edible printer system. They are crazy expensive but was wondering if anyone bought edible printer ink and used it in a regular printer (dedicated just to edible printing) with rice paper and what they thought of it.

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

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I researched what food coloring cartridge refills there were out there and then purchased a Canon printer that would work. The cartridges cost almost as much as I spent on the printer.

Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!!

How do you like the printing quality so far Monica?

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

I bought a Canon MG5220 at Walmart for $65, and the edible inks and paper from I used them for the first time yesterday, and I love them!! It’s easy to do and the quality is as good as regular photo printing!!

Excellent. I cannot complain. I purchased my cartridges from KopyKake. I chose a Canon printer because it has six individual color cartridges in lieu of 4. This was important because sometimes you use more of one color than another and you can replace only what needs to be replaced instead of the entire set. I hope this helps!

Monica Corley Ya'll Stay Sweet!!

Thanks for the feedback ladies! :)

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

I absolutely love my canon printer. The images come out great. Take a look at my cakes. The edible labels on my isomalt bottles are printed from a canon w/edible ink. Good Luck!

We use a canon and it’s OK – but there is a quality difference between a cannon and a more expensive printer. If you think this piece of equipment will pay itself off by increased business, then go for it :0)

Karin @

Karin, which Canon do you use?

LaTanya, Virginia,