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rental fees spatial made cake stands?

I have to make a cake stand for a wedding cake. 12" tree stump. I want to give her the option to return is so I can have it for the future or keep it. but dont know what to charge for it for rental or for them to keep it. Can anyone give me an idea of this.. I was thinking to charge what I charge for a 12" round cake which is 108.50 and if she wants to rent it charge her that upfront and upon return she would get half back.



For regular stands I just have a deposit (approx. value) that I return in full upon its unharmed return – haven’t started with rental fee’s I often just like the thought that it will help presentation wise, which is great for advertising :) With custom bases I charge my time for creating it, plus deposit for its material worth – hope that helps, I don’t charge rental fees, but you could certainly!!

Krystle Murray, Owner-Operator of Dessert by Design - -