How did you start?

I was thinking of setting up a small business, possibly purely an online event, but how and what would you do =/ I wont be doing this for a small while, but I was wondering how did you advertise? and did you need to get a “professional” Kitchen to do them or could you do it in your home kitchen? And then how would you price? A basic 8" Victoria sponge cake would cost what? how much per sugar craft flower? So confusing I just really dont know where to even start?

I am very new to this, and i’m learning from a woman who has a business of her own and she is teaching me the basics of sugar craft, but i’m finding I am picking it up quickly and enjoying it thoroughly, however as I progress it feels like she’s just trying to milk away my money which I don’t really have a lot of at the moment =[

Any suggests or help would be fantastic thank -you

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Jenniffer White

I would recommend that you start by contacting your local health department to see what your options are. Selling food can be a tricky subject and the laws vary from area to area.

If you’re not well-versed in business plans, you probably should start learning. There’s a LOT more to running a cake business than baking and decorating cakes! Best of luck to you!


I dont know where to start other than the local health place haha I dont know how you advertise either? Is it best to advertise over facebook or in person. As mentioned this is a long term plan im trying to think I just like making a plan of what I need to know and sort out prior to it all. As I’m pretty sure you need money to start a business as well. Something I am currently lacking but hopefully the cakestore near me is going to give me a couple of paid hours along with the volunteer ones I do. I’d ask her but she gets quite defensive about it all. which is understandable but it still would be nice for a little bit of help


Health laws are going to depend on what country you are in. Perhaps a place to start is the craftsy cake business course. It’s not terribly expensive and you can ask questions etc. Where I live most work from home and one actually built a kitchen extension. I would recommend looking on how busy you are going to be. If your only doing a few a month investing in a renovation etc is probably a bad idea


If you want to chat I am available through my Facebook page. I don’t have all the answers as I am in a very small city but I have been reading books etc on this to set up. I have also worked at a bakery