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searching for a vanilla cake recipe

Hai everyone,

I have made lots of cakes and i am still searching for a good vanilla cake. I love cake to be moisty, not to greasy and with height.
Since i have moved, where i live people like buttercake and the weather is very hot. I cant put cake in the fridge because it will sweat and i cant used ganache to cover my cake because it melts.
Now i am wondering if you guys have lovely vanilla cake recipes you would like to share so i can try out.
I have tried white mud cake so right now i am just looking for vanilla cake recipes.
I hope you guys can help me on the quest for a vanilla cake recipe that can be covered with fondant.

Thanks in advance!

Emmy,, Aruba

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Hi Naomi,
Becky from ButRcream had posted this recipe a while ago and it is the best vanilla recipe I have found.


Thank you for sharing Prima Cakes Plus. I will absolutely give it a try!

Emmy,, Aruba

Hi! Here’s one:

Free Vanilla Recipe

Hope it’s close to what you are looking for!

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