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Gluten free chocolate

Hi all, I have a customer who tells me her partner will have a severe reaction to even the tiniest amount of gluten. I am happy that my cake recipe is fine, but I am not so sure about chocolate for the ganache. Can anyone recommend a 100% gf chocolate (in Australia please) i could use confidently? Thanks.

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Most quality chocolate is Gluten Free. Be sure to read the ingredients, check the companies website or give them a phone call.

I strictly bake & decorate GF and haven’t come across a chocolate that contains gluten yet. Pick a quality brand and you should have no trouble.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Callebaut Choc chips are Gluten Free. These are the chips used in baking, usually sold in bags.

70% Dark Bittersweet
53.8% Dark Semi-Sweet
33.6% Milk Choc.
28% White Choc.

All GF. Hope that helps.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

One of my daughter’s has Coeliac disease and she can be sick even from tiniest bread crumb. I can tell you with confidence that most chocolate is GF. You can use Callebaut, or even go with cheaper options, like " Cadbury", “Signature Range” or “Pams” chocolate drops or even buttons. As long as they don’t contain Barley extract, wheat glucose syrup. I live in NZ, I would say that it will be same for Australia. I hope this will help. xoxo

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,