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OK… I am a “live and let live” kind of girl.
I might be seen as a bit of a fence sitter… I just don’t feel strongly about many things, to bother taking sides.
If I don’t have any ideas, on how to make things better, I generally just “but out”.
But you know what I hate?
When cake artists create beautiful work. Take the time to make tutorials. Share knowledge, openly and willingly….
And another site, TAKES THEIR WORK… downloads it, reposts it…as their own. Where absolutely no credit, is given to the original artist.
Why not just openly SHARE the work in the first place.
I don’t usually “name and shame”. There are multiple offences of this occuring on one major site, RIGHT NOW…involving members of Cakes Decor.



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Um, has this site been reported? Are they claiming it as their own? Or just sharing it with others? If they are posting as their own personal creation that is STEALING. Have they been asked to take it down?? Is it on facebook?

Mandy, All The King's Horses Cake Creations

Hi Mandy… I have contacted a couple of peers… Veena & Rachel of The Fondant Flinger. They were both unaware of the infringement. Usually, I would ignore it, as it is normally little sites, trying to get somewhere…and I refuse to feed them, with publicity.
This site is 50,000+
They are downloading at a rate, that I couldn’t keep up with!
I’ll facebook message you, so you can scroll through, to see if any of yours are there.


Beautiful christmas cake “Frozen” by Galia Hristova is there…
Hot Mama’s Cakes
Antonella Di Maria
…just to name a few.
Lucky all these pages at least watermark their cakes


I am only new at this still but would definately approach them. It is really not on that people claim your hard work as their own so they need to remove it and welcome to share under your name. Such a shame as everyone understands the hard work put in! Good luck xx

Znique Creations at

Would love to know who it is – there is one on facebook that also uses a lot of others pics as their profile pic. The one I know is She shares pics but the only problem is she downloads them first so the original artist gets no credit! I have gone in and commented on all the cakes that I found I knew and tagged their pages but it takes a very long time and cant afford to do it always – I have given up now – I have put messages to take the photos down – including mine but she just wont budge – I have also contacted fb but doesn’t look like they have done anything about it either!

Mel Sugarcraft Artist

I would love to know what this site is aswell.


Mel, the link you posted doesn’t work anymore. Maybe FB finally took that page down!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Toni, Calli the one I am talking about is still very much up there still – its called Najlepse Torte – Beautiful Cake …try this link

Mel Sugarcraft Artist

Calli your Scrooge is on there….

Mel Sugarcraft Artist

She does say these are a collection of beautiful cakes from around the world…but why doesn’t she share from the page instead of downloading the photos and adding them…

Mel Sugarcraft Artist