Help with fondant flowers on a buttercream cake

I hope that someone can help-I want to make a two tier BC cake and put some florist paste/gumpaste roses on it. How do I attach them and are they likely to wilt? If it is for a wedding will they last all day?? Tia!

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Hi there, they are best kept dry in an airtight box until set up – an hour before! If you can get your hands on silica – this keeps tables dry in chemist bottles.

Hope this helps and if possible give your flowers a stem either with toothpick or with covered florists wire, this will allow you to place on the cake easily and they will stay in place.

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Allways Julez

Hi there, you can also buy “cake picks” which are like little protective sheaths, to stop the wires and tape coming into contact with the cake.
A cheaper alternative, is to use a cut-off piece of a plastic drinking straw, to act as a cake pick.

Allways Julez

good luck…