Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Oh thats just rude oh terrible …you are an amazing artist and haters are gonna hate cause they are not creative enough to come up with it on thier own kisses and hugs

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

It’s ok Danijela, I’ll take it as a rite of passage – I only hope to improve from here so I guess I’d better get used to it! ;) Thank you for the support <3<3<3<3<3

Znique Creations

Oh just not necessary, is it? I haven’t seen where it was yet – but hopefully that was the last of the trolls for a while for you xx

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

In my opinion, you must take it as a compliment. Although it was hateful, rude and unnecessary, it’s definitely a sign of jealousy over your beautiful work and that means…YOUR AMAZING!!! Yeap, you are. : )

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I guess as long as I live, I will never understand this behaviour??? I find now with email, FB, tweets, text, etc many can be nameless & faceless …so easy today to hide behind technology to be nasty rather than saying to your face. But unfortunately this isn’t new, jealousy has existed since time immemorial. I’m so glad Sawsen your taking this with a sense of humour and tongue n cheek!!!
At least they can’t poison you like that poor sweet dog from the UK National Dog Show. Now that was truly, truly abhorrent!!!

Bethann Dubey

That is so sad how some people feel they need to behave like children .. they are just full of the green eyed monster :( … your work is beautiful .. I am so glad you take it as positive.. don’t let them bring you down.. I have had people do some nasty things also… we just have to know they have a mental problem..haha :D xoxoxo

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Yes Bethann…..hurting and unhappy people hurt others…sad, but true. As you say, chin up, ignore, don’t let it bring you down…that gives them the power….

Bethann Dubey

Very true June :) <3 we don’t want to give them the power ..

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

👍 👍 👍

Elli Warren

That’s so awful!!!! Your work is gorgeous and you produce stunning cakes!!!! I can never understand why people do this, it really does have to be jelousy, but if they just took the time to appreciate and learn from people as good as you they would be a much better person instead of being bitter, I think you handled it brilliantly, you are so lovely and we all appreciate your beautiful work and that’s what matters the most!!! :-) xx

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Your work is stunning never ever worry about that …just so creative and well done …

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you all for such lovely comments <3<3<3 I’m not sure what they get out of it either, especially posting on an anonymous account from behind a computer screen, really makes it seem like they have their own confidence & worth issues they’re reflecting on to everyone else… Bit sad really, definitely not something to get upset over. I’ve had enough jealousy & sabotage in my career before now from people who were threatened by me, this is really nothing but a compliment in comparison & nobody’s believing this troll so what’s there to get upset about? Xxx

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

You are being so positive – not what the troll would have hoped for. I totally agree with everyone else – your work is so beautiful and definitely comes from your heart. These trolls are just not worth giving the time of day xxx


You have enormous talent Sawsen — and I knew it already when I first saw your golden purse and jewellery cake on facebook — bad comments are the biggest motivation - keep it high - there are a lot more people who love you even more than you think!!

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you Lulu :) <3<3 Simmz what a sweet thing to say, that’s made my day thank you <3<3<3

Todor Todorov

Just keep going ,darling!

Nobody can stop you. Do what you like and love… -,results are visible..!

Good luck!


The green eyed monster can be a terrible thing. Whenever I see a comment like that, I pity the person who wrote it. Their lives must be miserable if they have to bring others down in order to feel better about themselves. Great comeback to the troll’s comment.

Julie Cain

You`re right to think positively about it. I remember reading somewhere that you can`t please everyone so if you get the occasional negative comment it can be a sign that you have a growing audience and your business is expanding. You know your cakes are great, we know your cakes are great, your followers know your cakes are great so they`re really only showing themselves up. It`s not nice but congratulations, you`re succeeding xx

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you everyone, what an amazing amount of support you’ve all given me. I feel very grateful to have a place like this with such wonderful people in it <3<3<3 Goreti you saw it did u? XD there was someone at my place of work who could have been an Olympic gold medalist in trolling, after dealing with him this guy almost seems cute!


Yes I did see it. If you really think about it, it is such a dumb comment. Commenting on the looks would have made more sense but then what could you about something so lovely.

JT Cakes

Sawsen, Just ignore the trolls. I have been there. I posted a hand painted cake 1 year ago. I had this troll who said to me: You don’t fool us. You can’t paint on cakes. Cake Boss don’t paint on cakes, so you can’t.

Just ignore. Ignore the negativity. Look at the positive things. Your cakes are amazing. You have a lot of support. Look at the positive. Ignore the negativity from sad people.

Just ignore. Your work is amazing.

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Jon, I’m sorry to hear someone said that to you. One of the things you’re most known for imo is your beautiful painting, just shows how ignorant some people are. Thank you for your support :) but I was really more bemused and impressed at myself for being worthy to troll (lol!) than upset. It has put a huge smile on my face reading everyone’s responses here so in that sense I’m very glad it happened <3<3

Little Apple Cakes

I’m happy you took it with a giggle ;)
I also think it’s important to set clear rules about what is going on on your page. It’s yours and no one has a right to disrespect you in any kind of way.
I was in a similar situation only 2 times, a person didn’t want to let things go even after I told her I didn’t want to discuss anything with her, so she got blocked. And once when my sugar sandals were shared by a very famous page/magazine and brought a bunch of comments that were actually posted on that page and not my page…… I hid that one.
Don’t feel bad if you have to block someone, I would rather do that than having people or even your future clients coming to your page and read nasty comments.
YOUR WORK IS AMAZING!!! Some people just have a lot of free time.

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

I think heaven has a special place reserved for cake decorators like you guys, and it’s mirror here on earth is cd <3

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Don’t take any notice of such bad comments! Your work is really amazing and don’t ever forget it!

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you all very much <3<3<3

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

How horrible for you. Sadly there are some very nasty people who hide behind the anonymity of the computer. I often feel very low when I read some of the vile comments and opinions expressed on various social media forums, sexist/racist comments probably expressed by some spotty inadequate teenager in their box bedroom. I then think of all the positive, life enhancing connections made via all these platforms which far outweigh the nastiness.


Oooh yes there are a lot of trolls out there but the are all so stupid and jealous and that one of yours is blind too because you make beautiful cakes!

Cake Decor in Cairns

I eat trolls for breakfast!!! ;)

The best way is to ignore them and just keep being your awesome self lovely! Xoxo

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you all for your support <3<3 I hope everyone who gets trolled has lovely friends like you to make them feel better!

Calli Creations

Trolls get the silent treatment from me… They are just not worth the time, poor dissalusioned things…
Delete and ban is all they get from me, I’m far too busy to bother with these small minded jealous hostile people. Hahahaha!!!

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Seems like a lot of the most talented people get trolled eh Calli, I find it flattering someone thought I was accomplished enough to bother trolling ;)

Calli Creations

Well Sawsen, I see your point and to look at it and laugh and treat it as funny is the way to go, as they are saddos to be pitied… But there are some that get very hurt… It’s for those I believe it’s sad that this happens, as no matter who you are, this should not happen to anyone, it’s so unjustified, there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour. It’s unkind and to some, hurtful,
I got hardened to negative comments from years of working as a graphic artist and having a customer reject your artwork from time to time… I learnt in that instance that it was not my abilities as an artist they were attacking, it’s was the design for their market they were rejecting, as an artist in the world of graphics, you are producing a “product” and I learnt to separate the two dimensions… So it soon be same water off a ducks back….
…. But…. What I see in the cake world is downright spitefulness, these are bullies who take pleasure in hurting others for no reason… So to squash their need for an online war, I ignore and treat it with the disdain it deserves… Silence……
I have a few screen shots of classics to laugh about, . I was sent screen shots of what some one once wrote nearly three years ago on her personal page…. And a few since… Sigh…..It’s so schoolyard!!

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

I think you’re right Calli, if it’s anything more serious and upsetting there’s only really the delete & ban option x

Calli Creations

Your lovely Sawsen, and love your postive attitude… Hugs xxx

Karen's Kakery

Sawsen I looked but couldn’t find anything…….any way, you’re right not to be bothered by it. Some people have nothing better to do, and if anything, it’s given you more exposure, so you win both ways xx

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Calli <3<3<3<3 Karen, it’s on an account I haven’t really told people I have, on a platform I don’t use much, maybe part of why I was more tickled by it than anything else ;) <3<3

K Cakes

One very nasty comment vs 1000+ likes? I think that speaks for itself. The cake in question is stunning as are the rest of your cakea and you now have a new Facebook fan. 😊 xx

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Thank you very much <3<3

Alpa Boll - Simply Alpa

Totally agree with all the above comments and well done for not letting it get to you. I had a comment not long after I first opened my account on FB and someone launched into having a go at me for not using natural food colours for my royal icing. Anyway, I ended up stressing over what they were writing until my husband told me to delete the comments and block them.
Your work is amazing and its always so sad that people waste time doing this when so much good could be done at the same time.
Well done you, you carry on creating master pieces!!
Alpa x

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Aw thank you Alpa :) strange how people can feel justified in saying ridiculous and sometimes rather mean things to other people, I think you’re right, the only way to take it is that they have problems and it’s nothing to do with you xx