All I ask forgiveness for my previous bad publication. The emotion of the moment, did not read well to publish my cake . I hope not inomodar anyone, I am very dummie yet. Thank you

Carved cakes dummies

Hi folks, I want to start making cakes and sculptures in 3D. Even I have not encouraged to do anything, I do not have much knowledge about it. They would be so kind as to give me some advice?

Question about esculìdas cakes

Hello everyone, I have a question on how to line a cake sculpted in 3D as it is the first time I’m going to do one, and I wonder if I should use enough fondant as to fall under the top or wrap by side if too big? Someone could help me?

Baby bear cake

Hi, how are you? I wonder if anyone can help me to make this cake sculpted is for a baby shower.

Cake sculptured doubt

Hello everyone! I have a doubt, I have to sculpt my first cake, and do not really know how to wrap it if it is large. How do I line a cake sculpted but large? If anyone can help I’d appreciate it!

Hand Painted Cake

Hi, I’m new in the world of decoration, and I’m looking forward to trying a cake hand painted, the issue is that I want to do it with petal dust with it should be diluted or mixed to look good on the fondant?