L'albero di zucchero


L'albero di zucchero

Oct 2012 801 Gessate / Italy

I love creating following a sudden thought, a feeling, the call of the heart, chasing an image seen by chance or just the instinct of that particular day. What my eyes catch, the heart elaborates and my hands mould into sugarpaste. My goal and the final picture I have in mind are just the happiness of the people receiving a cake, that will be part of a moment for which I'm so glad to be part of .

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Ciao Ira, fai delle bellissime torte, complimenti! Ti seguo anch’io :)

L'albero di zucchero

Grazie Clara!! Magari ci si vede a Caspoggio!! : )


Why not! Happy caking! :)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Your cakes are so lovely! Thank you for following me! I will be following your lovely creations from now on also!

L'albero di zucchero

Thank you!!


Wow, great designs – following to see the next! X

L'albero di zucchero

thank you very much, Judy!!


Ciao Ira, piacere di trovarti qui :) ti seguo anch’io. Buona giornata <3

L'albero di zucchero


Sreeja -The Cake Addict

new follower