Ball don't lie!!

Ball don't lie!!
Ball don't lie!! Ball don't lie!! Ball don't lie!! Ball don't lie!!

This cake is one of my heart’s cakes, for my family and kids!

It was done for the semi final match of an important basketball tournement and for my son’s team.
They are only 10 years old, but this sport plays a key role in their lives. They enjoy so much playing together and we are so happy for this. Maybe they are so good players because they enjoy and they like playing as a team and not as individual players. They perfectly understand together is better than alone!
This was a key factor for the final winning of the tournement!!
On the cake there are sentences, captured from the wall at the entrance of their gym. These are quotes from very famous basketball players, as Michael Jordan, saying : “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”. That’s true, and you can apply the approach for an entire life too, not only a match. But this should be an important role for each sport in a kid’s life, trying to teach them life is maybe as a match, failures and difficulties, winnings and hard moments, but you have to try and you can win with the help of other friends!!
Go, Argentia, gooooo!!

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