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Teté Cakes Design

Jul 2014 4,605 Santa Fe Capital, Argentina

Hello everyone, my name is Teté, I'm Argentina, and my passion for pastry and cake decoration is my since childhood, wo years ago I dedicated to this professionally but do cakes since I can remember, I'm a mom two boys, and my husband helps me with all the structure as part cakes, actually helps me with a lot of other things, but we will not give much credit! haha! I hope you enjoy my work and be able to notice all the love you put in! Thank you very much for looking and commenting! Teté

-- Teté . https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tet%C3%A9-Cakes-Design/128768727315216?ref=tn_tnmn


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Yay Tete, you did it .You are going to knock the socks off everyone with your stunning cakes xx

Teté Cakes Design

thank you very much Dawn! I hope not to disappoint so confident!

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Teté Cakes Design

Hi Mariagrazia!!! :D

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Hi Tete, i didnt know you are at CD too…nice to see you here too, now im following you xx

Teté Cakes Design

Lin thank you very much! Also just discover yourself, and of course I’m already following! Lin I love your comments, many thanks for them!

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hey thanks for the follow, have just sent one your way, looking forward to following your work xx

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A plaser, Laylah !!

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I’m glad you’re here !! Dear Kisses!

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Thank you very much Wallace !! I’m also here !!