Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Christmas Eve

This was my first entry at the Cake International Birmingham!
It was a wonderful human experience where I shared emotions and wonderful moments with very special people, friends, but also judges and I finally met a lot of web friends!!
I had a lot of troubles transporting this one from Italy. Characters arrived damaged, almost every piece! I had to make a lot of repairs and most of all I have forgotten to decorate a cake board. How could I? In addition judges said that proportions where wrong, considering the all decoration and the cake height. But they liked colours and history that inspired the cake.
It is the Christmas night and an elf, supposed to help Santa Claus is eating candies that where on the Christmas tree. A little girl woke up and cannot hold back tears seeing him eating her candies. Her brother woke up too, but it is too late and he cannot even open his eyes.
I will try again next year, cannot see the time.

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