How I go about making a 3D car cake. By Paul Delaney

firstly I appologise for the messy work bench and poor quality photographs taken with my phone,but I had a lot happening when I made this.

1. reference material used.

2.Cut slab cake to rough shape

3.Place cardboard template against cake and cut around,I don’t have a template for the top view so just had to guess the width.
I usually dont use templates I just do it by eye but I have tried this way to be more accurate.

4.Here I have finished shaping and ganached it up ready for covering and have painted it with a sugar syrup so the icing will stick.

5.placing the black icing over the car.

6.Rub over with a cake smoother.

7.Mark in windows doors etc.with the back of a paring knife.

8.You could cut your template into parts and use it as a reference for marking out doors etc.

9.Cutting strips with a knife to make wheel arches and sticking on with water.

10.Time to make the wheels while the icing is drying.
Cut a tyre from black tylosed rolled icing.

11.Cutting and shaping wheel centres.

12.make strips of grey icing to be unrolled inside of tyre.

13.Paint silver and leave to dry,stick rotors and disc brakes together with royal icingset aside.

14.Stick grey icing with water to windows cavities.

15.Guards we not flared enough ,so I have added extra icing and smoothed off with the back of my paring knife and a little water.

16 .Added side skirts and bumper bars in the same way.

17. Now that the icing has a skin I cut in the grille with the tip of my paring knife and smooth out icing underneath with the super tool.

18.Airbrushed reflections on windows with dark grey (went a bit over board) I will learn from my mistake!

19.Airbrushed car with crystaline thinned down with water.To give shine.

20.Paint in taillights and boot lock.

21.Cut out wheel wells and insert wheels and stick with royal icing.

22.Ice board and FINISHED !!! Yahoo 2 days later.

Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes


This is great – look forward to seeing more :)

Helenna at

brilliant!!! thanks for so much time and trouble putting this together. :) can’t wait to see the next exciting instalment :)

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

oooh Looking great! Love the low profile tyres! What an easy way to do them. Pics are easy to follow! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Although I don’t have the guts to ever try this, it was great seeing how you do it. Love your car cakes. They are always awesome.