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After taking a course with Peggy Porschen in 2009, I enrolled on a 2-year part-time course at Brooklands College in Surrey, taught by Jane Hatton and Susan Haskell. I achieved merit in Cake Decorating and merit in Sugar Flowers for both Year 1 (Basic) and Year 2 (Intermediate).
Whilst doing the courses, I was still working full-time at Oracle Corp. I still work full-time, but in May 2012, started my part-time cake business, ClearlyCake.
I love taking on new cake challenges, and love looking at other cake decorator's work.

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Welcome to Cakes Decor! You were so lucky to have been able to take courses with some amazing cake artists! I checked out all of your cakes, and your flowers are absolutely amazing. If I didn’t know they were made from sugar, I would think they were real!


Hi Toni – thank you for your lovely comments!
I have to say, looking at your cakes this morning, that you have incredible talent. Not only skills-wise, but superb design ideas.
I’m looking forward to taking a ‘modelling children’ course with Carlos Lischetti in March – I was thrilled when a place became available, as his classes always get booked up very quickly.
Helenna :)

Cake Sweet Cake By Tara

Love all your creations !!


Thank you Tara :)

Amanda Macleod

Hi Helenna, just spotted you here & now following you xx


Lovely work!


Your cakes are lovely <3 Fabulous work <3