After taking a course with Peggy Porschen in 2009, I enrolled on a 2-year part-time course at Brooklands College in Surrey, taught by Jane Hatton and Susan Haskell. I achieved merit in Cake Decorating and merit in Sugar Flowers for both Year 1 (Basic) and Year 2 (Intermediate).
Whilst doing the courses, I was still working full-time at Oracle Corp. I still work full-time, but in May 2012, started my part-time cake business, ClearlyCake.
I love taking on new cake challenges, and love looking at other cake decorator's work.


Welcome to Cakes Decor! You were so lucky to have been able to take courses with some amazing cake artists! I checked out all of your cakes, and your flowers are absolutely amazing. If I didn’t know they were made from sugar, I would think they were real!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Hi Toni – thank you for your lovely comments!
I have to say, looking at your cakes this morning, that you have incredible talent. Not only skills-wise, but superb design ideas.
I’m looking forward to taking a ‘modelling children’ course with Carlos Lischetti in March – I was thrilled when a place became available, as his classes always get booked up very quickly.
Helenna :)

Helenna at

Hi Helenna, just spotted you here & now following you xx

Amanda, London,

Your cakes are lovely <3 Fabulous work <3