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Christmas Flower - Hellebore wafer paper

What I have used:
vodka – toothpick – scissors – wafer paper – edible glue – edible powder colors (as an alternative cocoa powder and turmeric)

My paper pattern measures half A4 sheet. In green what I have used for the pistils. You can prepare the rectangles cut outs of any size, I tried to have less waste as possible.

Place the wafer paper sheet over the paper pattern, sign it with a toothpick for reference, cut the rectangles and then the petals, three or four at a time. Do not forget to make a tiny cut at the base of each petal.

Pistils: make a small roll of wp, fix with a dab of glue, make several small cuts and dust with powder colors or turmeric.

Petal: rough part up, use the toothpick to engrave nervations, overlap the two bits at the end and fix them together with a dab of glue. Brush some vokda on the petal edge, shape it lightly with your fingers . Let it dry for few minutes, dust with powder color or cocoa powder.

Fix the fife petals with a dab of glue.

Fix the pistils roll in the center by using some glue.

Above Hellebore dusted with powder colors. Below with cocoa powder and turmeric (use some glue if turmeric is not adehring to the wp).

Here you go, now you are ready to decorate all your White Christmas cakes!

-- Kate Plumcake, Lake Como, Italy - http://kateplumcake.blogspot.it/

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For the “fresh snow” effect I just dusted the finished cake with powder sugar, but I am pretty sure you notice it ;-) I wish you a blessed Christmas time and have fun by decorating!


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