Cut-Out Cricketer

Another quick little tutorial for you, this time for sugarpaste cut-outs the CakeyCake way. As always, I welcome your feedback.

1. Print off an image (line drawings or sketches work particularly well) and lay it over some thinly rolled sugarpaste with added CMC.
2. Using a sharp craft knife carefully cut around the image.
3. Remove the unwanted excess sugarpaste to reveal your cut-out and neaten the edges with a plastic blade if need be.
4. Use your paper image template to cut out shape details, attach to the cut-out with a little moisture and add detailing with a plastic blade (here I have started with the cricket bat).
5. Continue cutting out and adding shapes, and detailing with your blade, following the template as a guide.
6. As you add more and more pieces your cut-out should really start to take shape.
7. When you have covered the entire cut-out and detailed it to the desired level add some further detailing with an extruder gun. Here I have used it for the helmet peak and grill.
8. Attach your cut out to the cake using a little edible glue.

Ta-dah! Easy peasy!

You can see the cake I use this on here: